Postcard from the future in real-time

Year: 2024
Title: Postcard from the future in real time
Material: Bottle caps, metal lids and acrylic paint on canvas
Size: 80 by 100 cm

    • The stillness in the centre
    • SOLD

A postcard from the future in real time – as in: the future is already happening! Her face and hand show you that she’s (supposedly) a digital creation made up out of code (0-1-0-1…) Drones are buzzing around her – helping create the image(as seen on tv). Her dress is made out of debris, skulls and bones. She is actually dying. A man with a chainsaw is climbing up her trunk (tree of life, mother nature) and wants to cut her down. I’m saying we are creating AI imagery and bit coins and such but there is a serious cost to all this data generation. Again it’s nature that pays the price. The leaves are no longer green but blue…Somewhere in the leaves we see the hanged man from the tarot. He suggests that we are in a situation that we are not happy with but we still have the power to walk away or change our perspective.