The Deity of transformation (The Pantheon of Waste Deities)

Year: 2022
Title: The Deity of transformation
Size: 10x10x30 cm
Mixed Technique: bottle tops, soda cans and clay figurine

    • The Pantheon of Waste Deities
    • SOLD

When I found you in your girl’s dress

You walked barefoot on the steep, sharp rocks
Dusk like a stranglehold around your rarefied figure
Slightly stipend explanatory and complementary around you
Everything about you was fragile like the little cups you kept looking for at the flea markets.

You wrote invisible sentences with your hair dipped in ink

They were your expressions of eastern confusion and madness.
A four-legged animal always comforting in your wake
Your shadow is very similar to one of those intricate paintings from the night museum

You haven’t been like that for a long time now